Friday, 3 April 2015

Sewing for Pleasure Treasure

I'm still without a trusty small camera, so my photo taking is somewhat lacking, I do have my large and heavy DSLR but it's not always practical taking it around, especially indoor events as the flash is pants!
So when I journeyed off to the NEC last month to the Sewing for Pleasure event I was sadly cameraless and it did feel weird, not being able to snap away at things I wanted to remember, or ideas. I'm hoping that I'll join the 21st Century soon and get an iPhone (used) as I hope the camera on that would do for these sort of occasions, especially when stealthy snapping is required.
So no photos of the event but I can verbally report back that I had a good day out with my Mum and succeeded in nearly all of my shopping list, which was my main reason for going, as locally it's hard to get good pieces of cheap/reasonable dressmaking fabric.
So what did I get....

2 metres of cotton lawn @ £10pm, I hoping for a top out of this, I'm not sure whether it'll need a lining though?

1 Liberty FQ

3 metres of blue jersey @ £6pm from Fabrics Galore, I've got a Prima tunic pattern in mind for this and I'm wondering if I'll have any left over for toddler leggings

1 FQ, just because I couldn't resist!

My mum treated me to the fantastic dress/tunic pattern from Sew Me Something, I really liked their stall and they'd had all the patterns made up in various fabrics, which was really helpful. We got this near the end so I didn't get any fabric for it but I know I won't make it yet, not until I've used all this other fabric!

1 metres of cotton lawn @ £10pm, I'm thinking of adding this to my blue Liberty stash and finally starting an EPP project

2 metres of jersey, which I'm hoping to use with last months Prima pattern, it's a bit garish but I think I'll use it for my first attempt at the pattern and then if it doesn't look right or if anything goes wrong I won't be too upset!

1 FQ, probably for EPP

They only thing I couldn't find was a good grey linen/chambray which I wanted for the hexies in my last post so I may have to source that online, it's a pity as I was in the mood to get going with that project.
That's left me with that uneasy feeling of what to start first.....and also it means I need to tidy up the dining table if I want to cut out large bits of's the starting that's always the worst!
But as I've now posted, I hope that might shame me into getting on with something instead of procrastinating ;)
I'll let you know....

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