Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Big Knit 2010

Innocent drinks have started their 2010 Big Knit, so I'm currently knitting a few small hats, wish I'd remembered about it earlier, the deadline is October 15th!
I've currently finished four and am working on the fifth, so I'm already doing better than last years total of three!
The site has a really good how to knit section and there are three levels of patterns, I've done the beginner & intermediate and am now tackling the advanced, which actually is proving to be do-able.  I thought I'd lost my knitting mojo, but these small fun and achievable projects have made knitting fun again.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

With thanks

My first blog award which is actually really lovely, many thanks for the fabulous Jacey over at Coffee 'n' Crochet for thinking of me for this.

Now as part of the deal I need to tell you all 7 interesting facts about myself...so after much thinking...

1) In my youth I had a punk inspired shaved head

2) I gave birth to my second daughter in our bathroom

3) I have completed my motorbike CBT course twice

4) I have met Lee Evans

5) I have touched Damon Hills hand

6) I rode horses in my youth

7) I hope to make my first quilt sometime soon!

Now I need to pass this on to some more bloggers.....








These are all the latest great blogs I've stumbled on lately, all of which I find really awe-inspiring, I hope you will too.