Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Pinterest Christmas

Happy Christmas!

I didn't get as many crafty projects started or finished as I wanted but I did manage to do a few last minute quick Pinterest ideas.

I spent a lovely couple of kid free hours making peppermint bark and lino printing some wrapping paper, I found this very therapeutic, I need to get paint on my hands more often!

I added red fingerprints to make holly berries later.

I started a cotton reel wreath for my Mum, using florists wire and empty wooden spools from eBay that I filled using stash threads and my sewing machine to wind them on. I didn't mange to get a picture of the finished item before it got wrapped up!

I also got some bristle christmas trees from the garden centre and hot glue gunned them to some vintage cotton reels.

And then I enjoyed making book trees, you need an old book with covers removed and you fold each page twice, again I used a spool as the base!

This is my Mum's table decoration for this year, one day I'll be organised enough to do my own!

I feel that Christmas was a real rush this year, even though I finished work about a week before. I didn't manage to do my usual 'make something handmade' for the kids but I did do them a Christmas Eve box instead, filled with new PJ's, slippers, a book, hot chocolate & reindeer dust, so they didn't even notice!

Thank you Pinterest!