Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bucks EYeS

Bucks EYeS 2010

Last week we had a little trip out to High Wycombe to see the Bucks Uni degree show.

My big sis is just graduating from her jewellery degree so we were all curious to see what she's been working on!
We also made sure we had a nosy around the others shows and there was a real mix of courses, it was really inspirational to see other people's creativity and ideas.

These architectural pieces are by my sister Fiona West Designs

These piece are by Alice O'Neill
I think these are fab, unusual, interesting but wearable.These are a few snaps from all over, the bunnies with the light bulbs in their tails are inspired, I hope they get picked up for production and the knitted armchair which you can sit in and wear, very cosy!
They'll also be exhibiting at New Designers & D&AD in London: