Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sock knitting

I've finally done it!
I can knit on DPN's!!

It's a small thing but I've tried several times to do it and it's always felt like juggling skewers!

But thanks to the excellent course at Fibreworks, Chipping Norton, I can now, not only use them but also knit a sock!!
I love learning to do new things, I feel so accomplished and it opens up more knitting patterns that I like the look of!

So above is the materials and output of the 'Sock Knitting' class at Fibreworks, you get a pattern to work a small sampler sock, a pack of needles and a full ball of yarn.
It was a great class, good time length, nice and relaxed, tea and biscuits provided and in the four hours I very nearly finished my sock, I just had to finish the toe decreases and graft, which I had a go at in the class and then followed the instructions on the sheet at home and it was all fine.
It's so nice being able/allowed to be crafty away from home life, I hope to do more classes next year, I found it very relaxing but inspiring.

So then, about a week later, I thought I better make a start on a proper size one before I forgot the techniques and thus truly embed the process into my brain!  I'm happy to say I didn't have many problems, I think I lost a stitch somewhere as my numbers were out at one point but I'm so happy with it!
I never realised how comfy and warm they could be, I thought they'd be loose and fall down but they actually seem to grip to your leg slightly, so I'm looking forward to getting another ball and completing the pair.
The yarn is by Lang Yarns, Jawoll Color, quite woolly and knits up in a wondrous faux fair isle pattern.

Inspired by my new skill, I popped into the Oxford Yarn Store which I've only just discovered is not far from my work (and is full of fabulous yarn and accessories) and splurged on some DPN's in various sizes and a ball of Rowan tweed Aran to try on some wristlets. 
I'm hoping to use the KnitPro's to do the sleeves of two baby cardigan's I've got on the go for my best friend, to save on the sewing up stage.
I hope as they're so portable and great for when you've only got snatches of knitting time that I can attempt different styles, the heel we worked was a dutch heel flap but I've heard of other types so I'd love to have a bash and even do some cabling!
If you're a seasoned sock knitter, do leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you're making or if you have any ideas for easy patterns, or you can find me on Ravelry under 'HoldMyHand'.