Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Red Cross Quilt

I've forgotten to show you the treasure I picked up from the Vintage Bazaar last month in Devizes, this has to be the best piece I've picked up in the long time, you know that feeling when you HAVE to have something and you just KNOW it's meant to be yours and live at your house?! I nearly didn't ask how much it was, as vintage quilts are usually way out of my budget, so when it was £35, I didn't dare put it down, even though it meant borrowing money off my lovely Mum!

It's very worn in places but the seller told me all about it's history as it's a Canadian Red Cross quilt, apparently in the Second World War for the war effort, the Canadian Red Cross organised making and sending quilts over to London for the bombed out Londoners who had lost everything. Due to time constraints, some Canadians sent out heirloom quilts of their own to help and this quilt seems to be one of these as some of the fabrics are Thirties feedsack. 
The colours and hand quilting are beautiful and I can't quite fathom the generosity of strangers to send this to people in need, would this happen now?

It's lovely to snuggle under, so soft and warm and large, I'm definitely going to look after it but I'm also not going to hide it away, it needs to be admired and seen.

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