Tuesday, 29 November 2011

10 Weeks...Where DOES the time go?!

My wonderful amazing third daughter is ten weeks old this week and like a cliche the time really has whizzed by, I can't remember her not being here.  The fact that the calendar keeps reminding me of the changing dates is a little scary, it's going to be Christmas before we know it and then it'll be another year.  I can vividly remember last Christmas and then finding out I was pregnant in January means that 2011 has been all about this baby.  I wonder what 2012 will be remembered for?!

Home life is slowly settling down, the older girls have been fantastic, so understanding and helpful, I look at them and remember how much they've grown and how proud I am of them.  They're a constant reminder of how quickly the baby years pass and to make the most of them!  I think that's why all the disturbed sleep, all the crying hasn't really bothered me as much this time (it's not been nice though!) I know it's all part and parcel and that everyday Rowan is changing and growing.

It's also nice to be reminded how each baby is their own person, with their own personality and what worked for one may not for the next.  You need to learn about this new person, trial and error, just like it's your first!  She does amaze me though, every smile melts my heart and unlike her sisters she's amazed me by learning to suck her thumb (I'm sure I won't be so happy about this when she's 6!)

Here's to the next 10 weeks!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Autumn came

While I've been busy with a new baby, it appears that Autumn arrived and also may have left now. It's been a strange season of showers and sunshine, warm and cold and I feel like I've missed it.
Being detached from 'normal' life at the moment I seem to experience time in a different way, having a different sleep pattern, being on a different 24hr clock means I feel a little out of step with the earths timing.
Although, being awake regularly at 2am, means I get to hear our neighbourhood owl again and being woken up at dawn means I hear the birds waking up too!
There's definitely a sense of time with the third child.  It brings patience and understanding, because you know that nothing stays the same for long, I won't always be awake at 2am, everyday brings change, you may not see it while looking, but like the seasons, when you stop you realise how much time has passed already.