Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Halloween and other things going on...

A rather jolly pumpkin!!

Courtesy of Grampy, who didn't want it too scary apparently!

This is Aeryn's Halloween robot costume, almost finished, thank goodness for foil and glue!

Then we made a chart of simple flash card words using a magnetic photo holder, Aeryn is learning to read so I thought it would help to have simple words/letters around. The cards are from the Oxford Reading Tree, which is a great teaching resource, I'm just sorry they're not using it at her school.

This is THE simple cat hat I've been knitting for Aeryn as my first knitting project, I've now finished and cast off but am struggling to get the mattress stitch neat on sewing together, so am going to practice on a spare bit first! I'm quite happy with it, I've enjoyed seeing it grow and it is simple but as feared I'm not very neat and I dropped quite a few stitches!! Still I'm hoping with practice that both these things will get better!!

And this is my project for my textile evening course, we were asked to choose a landscape so I've chosen a London cityscape and painted a background onto a piece of secondhand linen (from Oxfam, it used to be an antimacassar!!) and now I've appliqued on geometric shapes for the buildings, next is lots of stitch work to build up texture and shape. I'm enjoying the course, it's quite relaxed and no homework is expected, which is good as I've struggled to get going, I've felt a bit hesitant to get going as my stitching is not great, but as above practice makes perfect!

I've only just got back online properly after three weeks of intermittent access due to faulty power adapters, fingers crossed this latest one will survive! Thanks to Sony Vaio helpdesk for their replacements!