Friday, 8 June 2012

Recent makes...

Recent makes

I thought I'd do a round up of the recent making that's been going on around here, all baby related I'm afraid!

First up a toy bucket, a basic rectangle on a circular base, in Ikea fabric with some batting inside
Next up Bucket Hat from the Oliver & S 'Little Things to Sew' book, this was much easier than I thought and I'm really hapy with how it turned out. The red fabric is from Witney Sewing Shop and the dots my Mum picked up from the FoQ last year.

A Clothkits for Rowan, apart from the button-holes this took 1 day to put together, I love how simple they are, literally cut and go! I got this from the Sewing with Pleasure at the NEC.

Big stack of re-usable wipes, I raided my stash for old jersey,fleece, towelling & cotton flannel and cut into rough squares. Some I hemmed together with zig-zag, some I tried my over-casting foot on, looks weren't important as long as they were functional.
I'm using the wipes solution from Amanda Blake Soule's 'Handmade Home'
1tbsp Almond Oil
1tbsp Dr Bonner Baby Soap
1 drop of Lavender Oil
1 drop of Tea Tree Oil
3/4 cup water

I dip the cloths into the mixture in a jug, squeeze out the excess and store them in a tupperware, any leftover solution gets put into a jar.  When soiled they go into the nappy bucket and get washed with the Motherease cloth nappies (I'm a recent convert, I got some on eBay recently to try and am hooked, wished I'd tried them earlier. I recommend using Eco-balls with nappies as I was having to repeatedly rinse after washing to get the bubbles out)

Lastly, we have some baby bubble pants from Anna-Maria Horner's 'Handmade Beginnings', made from some blue corduroy (men's trousers from the charity warehouse £1) and lined with more of the Ikea print!
These were really easy, like her maternity tunic I got a bit bogged down in the text instructions, think I'm more of a follow the pictures type! I'm eager to make more of these as with the cloth nappies, all trousers are now tricky to fit! Rowan is a chunky but at 8mths for trousers/leggings she's in 12-18mths to get them over her large botty!
So making is happening here, slowly, but getting round to blogging is the hard bit, it doesn't help that our laptop is getting older & slower,  I'm seriously thinking about returning to work only to get my hands back on my mac and having access to a colour printer!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Happy Jubilee Weekend

 Happy Jubilee Weekend

Hope you've all managed to have some Jubilee fun (in the dry!)