Monday, 10 May 2010

Birthday Goodies

A glimpse of the pretties from the birthdays...

Lovely wrapping paper, carefully unwrapped so it can be used again!
Small bit of crafting, the night before I made this badge for my daughters badge, I think I'll do more of these, it was really quick and she loved it!

This was my birthday card from my fabulous Mum who knows me so well, we have the book too as it used to be her's, which we've all read and loved the illustrations, I've read it to my girls too now.

This was my sisters card, again another Ladybird illustration (I never did get a pony!), the cards are by Simon Spicer.

This is the fabulous sewing box that was in our local sewing/yarn shop at Christmas which I admired! Thank you mum!!

and I love this tea-towel, very me and it's now in my kitchen!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Birthday time

Thursday may have been election day, but in this household it's Birthday time, 34 for me and now the Big 6 for my eldest! Yes we share the same birthday, which is actually kind of lovely (apart from the usual work/prep that has to go on on the day!).
We were both very lucky on the card and presents front, I've got some amazing vintage things, the above set came from last Saturday aparently - my mum being sneaky! I shall post more photos in due course, the sewing box house is really cute...

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Day After

Well the Vintage and Handmade Fair has been and gone, what a lovely day we had yesterday, the sun even shined!

There are lots of lovely pics on several sellers sites and a fab slide show on Flickr.

The stalls were as always impeccably laid out, all full of tempting treasure, my favourite this year was Sal's Snippets, I bought this lovely embroidery frame and brooch and it really was difficult deciding what to buy!

Then I loved the buttons & magnets from Kitsch and Curious,

and my eldest (6) bought the floral brooch and pink ring from Acorn & Will!

Donna Flower's stall was full of vintage fabric and ribbon, after much umming & ahhing I bought these two:

The vintage apron's caught my eye at The Washerwoman's stall, and after going to get more cash (!) I decided I couldn't leave without this one!

And then I was soo happy to see this on The Vintage Magpie's stall as I missed getting one at the Christmas Fair and regretted it!

Thank goodness for the tea table and cake, the carrot and walnut was heavenly and revived me perfectly!

After much fun (and the kids dying to get out!) we had to push off to our other stop: Westonbirt Arboretum, where the kids ran off instantaneously, obviously burning off much hemmed in energy! We just managed to avoid the rain for most of the day, only getting wet as we ran to the car!! So it was a very enjoyable day for all and today it's mostly been watching the Badminton cross country and motoGP on tv!!