Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cogges Easter Fun

Well where did that easter school holiday go?! Working part-time always means a juggle of childcare and holiday days taken, so school holidays are never restful but I'm very lucky to have a lot of help from my parents, especially for the older two. With the weather getting nicer it's easier to find things to do to make the days go quicker, and this holiday all of us have spent many days down the road at Cogges Manor Farm.

We were very lucky with the weather as we had some cracking days, it was even ice-cream weather!
The eldest two enjoyed the new parts of the play park, which included a rope swing, which try as she might my eldest 10 year old just couldn't do, every day we went she tried but to no avail, we had to admit she was too big for it as her legs kept dragging in the mud :( It's no fun being almost as tall as your mother when you're only ten - it's also impossible to find clothes, but that's another story!

On Wednesday we enjoyed cake decorating in the kitchen.

On Thursday we enjoyed adding to the rag rug that's in progress.

And we all enjoyed dressing up!

When we got home, I was inspired to get my own rag rug back out, so I've started adding to it again.

We also found some new geocaches near us and even managed to pick up a trackable, which we enjoyed seeing online where it's been (Germany & the US), we hope to drop this off soon and get it on it's way.  We've also been trying to scout out good places to make our own first cache.

Who needs an expensive holiday when all this was right on our doorstop!

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