Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wowwee what a Fair!

So glad I made the effort to go all the way to Chipping Sodbury today, the Vintage & Handmade Fair was fantastic, so many great stalls, it was eye candy heaven! So much to look at, browse, rummage I could have stayed all day, if I had more money to spare I would have indulged in lots more lovelies. All the stalls were beautifully set out, there are some pics via the Vintage blog, it seemed to be very well run and set out. Having tea and cake was really welcome too, it kept the kidlets amused, well sort of one was being very grumpy!

So after looking around, going away for a think and coming back, what did I treat myself to....?

This very lovely button bracelet, very fun and colourful, from a fabulously set out stall by Ludabelle ( I think. Apologies if this is incorrect, I didn't pick up a card to check.

And then I bought something else which is not something I would have liked previously but I now love these sort of flowery/corsages and have ummed and ahhed over making one. But this one was a fabulous colour, aparently it's Liberty fabric and the quality is lovely, the colours all work well together and the stitching is beautiful, well worth the £7 from Brocobelle (

I then had to drag myself away as aparently it was Picnic Time!! So we stopped off at Westonbirt on the way home which is lovely, very sunny and tranquil. So a long, tiring day but a good fun filled day, now hopefully a lie-in tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Vintage & Handmade Fair

Looking forward to going to this fair tomorrow, the weather should be good and they'll be cake! Will be good to see new crafters and hopefully spend some pennies, money that is!!
Visit the site for the details:
I hope to report back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Knit It Monkey

I have been very bad at blogging, after being at work on a computer all day, I have realised how much I don't like to spend too long on it in the evening! But I do want to still have a place I can call mine, which is supposed to be an outlet and inspiration/motivation to craft. so I will try harder.

'Sock' monkey as he is now called, was finished quite quickly, I really enjoyed knitting him, so much so that I straight away started another one, but in blue! Sadly my knitting has stalled, my hands get so dry that I find wool snags on my skin, which is really annoying when trying to knit! It's a fine balance on moisturising enough to get my hands soft and making them too greasy to hold the needles!

I am hoping to start a small project soon, there is a newly started craft group at my work and we have set our self a topic this month with the thought of all making something/anything related to it! This months theme is 'Tea time' and I was hoping to knit a doughnut as seen in the Donna Wilson 'Odd-Bod Bunch' book!! But it involves double pointed needles and I've already found casting on a problem, so we may have to persevere a bit longer!

I did also do a little iPod cosy, I just knitted to the width of my iPod Nano and then knitted long enough to make a little pouch, which I sewed up the sides and tried to do a little moss stitch for the top flap! It's not perfect but it keeps it from getting scratched in my bag, so I'm happy.
My other thought this month has been to organise! Had a trip out to Ikea, would really love some storage space to organise all my crafting supplies into one area in the house, but would need a table and various shelves, boxes etc which are a bit of a luxury at the moment. What I wouldn't give to have my own space with inspiring pictures and a comfy chair! I shall carry on planning in my head, have a real hankering for a car boot rummage soon too, but it may not be a good idea! Should be de-junking not accumulating according to 'him indoors'!
Other project ready to go is an 'Oliver + S' pattern - lazt days skirt for my eldest, I bought some pink & white fabric from Ikea, which I'm keen to see if it'll make a hard-wearing skirt?! Watch this space! I also have my Gran's old 70's singer machine to test out, to see if it's better than my current budget model, fingers crossed!