Friday, 7 February 2014

Cooking with Mother

We seem to do a lot of 'cooking' together at the moment, Rowan likes to get involved and sit in her spot on the kitchen counter to 'help' make cups of tea or lunch!

So I'm trying to do more fun cooking, you know the sort, cakes, biscuits etc!
For ages I've been meaning to try out a new banana bread recipe I'd found while on Twitter, from 'Letters to Elliot'', we tried it and loved it! 
It's much lighter than my usual recipe, it has one less banana and some baking powder in, I'm definitely making it again!

Licking the spoon, it's the best bit, even for Mum's!

Spot the nibble mark?! I left it to cool and when I came back…!

I had to go with the obligatory glace icing and sprinkles, it's not banana bread without it for me!

Apologies for the none styled/harsh flash photos, winter is rubbish for indoor photos isn't it.