Friday, 20 September 2013

More lessons in patchwork

It's funny how the urge to do something specific hits, isn't it?
Not long after the visit to the NEC to look at quilts, I remembered the kit I bought from the Olympia Knitting and Stitching Show, which had just sat in a pile since March!
Then suddenly I have the urge to do it NOW!

I got the kit from Puddleducks, which contains a lovely charm pack from Moda: ABC-123 and has all the fabric for the front and instructions for £55.
They had a sample made up on their stall and I fell in love with it's reproduction style 1930's prints and bright colours and so duly treated myself!

The main technique for the quilt is half-square triangles - this was a new technique for me, basically you sew together two squares with two rows of stitching perpendicular to the diagonal line and then cut on the diagonal line!

Sounds easy and it was, sort of! 
As with all my patchwork, it's getting things to line up! 
I don't know if it's my cutting, I didn't think it could be my sewing this time as I have invested in a 1/4" foot to help guide me.
But I obviously need more practice!

So as you can see, things are a little out! It's only when you do these new techniques that you really appreciate the work you've seen exhibited!

But, I'm not too bothered, I did unpick and try again on several seams so that it's not as bad but I'm really enjoying putting it together.
Once the nine patch blocks are assembled you need to add the cream sashing strips and then my next job is the outer border and then another new technique of prairie points.
I hope to finish that quite soon, I also need to hunt for my sample blocks of batting as I'd like something new, something warm and soft as I'm hoping this will sit on the back of the sofa and be handy for curling up with. 
If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Festival of Quilts 2012

ARGH!! I've just noticed in my post listing that this one never made it past the DRAFT stage!! I now know it's because I didn't get round to finishing off the captioning and now I can't find the original photos to find the numbering!
So apologies, some quilts are not attributed as I always strive to do, please let me know of any additions/amends I can make.

Another late posting but I had to post this one as a trip to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC is becoming a yearly ritual/treat!
It's taken a while to get round to crediting all the quilts but finally here we are.
I had another enjoyable time I'm happy to say, bought some lovely things, saw lots of lovely things and came away very tired!
As usual there's lots of types of quilts on show, to cater to all tastes, there seemed to my mind to be rather a lot of art quilts this year and some not up my street at all!

So here is my take on what was good at FoQ 2012....

Miniature Quilts

A Stitch in Time by Sue Bibby
Machine and hand embroidery, applique, reverse applique and stumpwork

M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy by  Dorian Walton
Machine pieced and quilted
2nd Prize Miniature Quilts Category

Hawthorn Sky by Roberta Le Poidevin
Hand and machine applique and machine quilting
2nd Prize Pictorial Quilts

Penny and Fletcher by Kerry Wilkinson
Modern pieced background with large piecework glued and appliqued

Britain What it Means to You by Laura Di Cear, Italy
Machine applique and free-motion embroidery
European Award Winner Quilters Guild Challenge

A Day at the Seaside by Julia Gahagan
Machine applique and quilting

Stargazing by Helen Moore
Hand patchwork with hand embroidery and machine quilting

A Miniature Cotswold Garden by Sue Dalrymple
English Paper Pieced and hand quilted

My Garden - I Wish by Karena Brand

Decorative Fans by Sheena Norquay

Jenny's Flower Garden Quilt by The Reiver Quilting Group

The Secret Garden by Fusion

Walls R Us by Off The Wall

A Cotswold Garden by Friday Fruitcakes

Lu Summers

Who Won by Caroline Wilkinson

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Festival of Quilts Goodies

So after admiring all the hard work in the quilts and having a sit down for a breather and some lunch, it's time to shop!
First rule of quilt show..have a set list
Second rule of quilt show..have a budget!

I had projects in mind that I needed fabric for, such as toddler clothes and did well to find what I needed.

These are destined to be a reversible hat, from the Oliver and S book, I've made one before and little Rowan's been wearing it to nursery all summer!

This dolly kit was from The Bramble Patch and I hope it will be one of Rowan's Christmas presents.

Some cord from Mulberry Silks for friendship bracelets, a bit thicker than I wanted but it's proving to be quite hard to find a thin cord.

From Colour Craft I got some tools for lino printing, I had hoped to have a go with the girls in the holidays but so far haven't had time.

Gorgeous thick cotton from the Eternal Maker, as always I had a hard time at this stand, I must go to their shop someday! I wanted some material for winter toddler trousers, it might be a bit jazzy but we'll see!

This flannelette caught my eye and I broke the rules because I still haven't got a project for it but it's rare to see printed flannelette!

Lovely heavy cotton from Fabrics Galore, again for toddler trousers but now I'm thinking I might see if I've got enough to complete a small bag pattern I've got as well!

I hadn't seen these little mini charm packs before, this was from Simply Solids and I wanted one of these mugs from Lu Summers when I saw it on her Twitter feed!

Theses were only 20p each and I thought they'd look good as embellishments or on a quilt.

Silky soft cotton from Cool Crafting who had lots of interesting kits, the buttons are for a toddler romper I was half-way through and the fabric for another hat?!

Digitally printed I fancied this as a wall hanging or cushion.

I also had on my list to get a large Creative Grids square, which I did and have used already!

The shopping is as much fun as the quilts! Another lovely trip, I got home tired but inspired!
I'd love to hear if you went and what you bought!