Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Saturday Book

Just because I didn't get round to publishing any posts in the summer, doesn't mean I didn't plan any or get them ready, so as a catch-up of some of our summer holiday events, I hope to post some of them now.

It's also really nice having a reminder of the things that we did do, as the school holidays passed in a blur, mostly of being at home and the kids playing out with their friends.

First up is the wonderful Giffords Circus, as you might remember we visited the circus last year and had a fantastic time and I'm pleased to say this year was another entertaining visual feast for all the family, even Rowan sat (mostly) quietly through it and even tried to join in the clapping!

There's such a wonderful warm family atmosphere about the show with lots of laughs and gasps! A perfect summers entertainment, I can't wait for next years!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Autumn Walk

Yesterday was so lovely and sunny, I made the effort to walk into town with my SLR camera and try and get back into this blog.
I'm always struck by the fact that I lived here for all my life and that I never get tired of the scenery, walking over Langel Common may not seem particulary special but it is to me, it's the unspolit parts of Witney I like best, the places that haven't changed over many years (unlike so many parts).

The sun was warm, the noise was minimal, only a handful of people about, some quiet time (apart from the baby who protested when I stopped pushing!)

and look, signs of the seasons changing, I love autumn!