Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More making!

Being back at work three days a week is seriously affecting my crafty mojo,
evenings are currently spent in a vegetative state after putting the kids to bed!

But I did make things a while ago......

Here is Rowan's mobile, not finished until she was about 6mths old, but hey!

This little mouse from Mollie Makes was very fiddly but my Mum liked it!

I jazzed up some cheap Ikea towels (20p each) with free ribbon from Mollie Makes!

and Rowan's nearly growing out of these but they're super comfy, the colours aren't great but they were made out of a red t-shirt and a blue sweatshirt both from the charity shop.  The pattern is Bubble Pants by Meg McElwee's Growing up Sew Liberated and is fantastic for cloth nappy big butt babies!

I'm trying to plan some Christmas crafting and some ideas for the kids to do, come and see on Pinterest!
I'd love to see what other people are up to....

Oh and it's The Vintage & Handmade Fair on Saturday, Chipping Sodbury.
I have a few pennies to spend and am really looking forward to some child free hours!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Walk around Witney

I'm trying to get in the habit of taking my SLR with me when I go out with the buggy and to also use different routes.
This was a glorious day this month where I strolled along West End over the river by the old Witney Blanket Factory site, through town and back over Langel common.

I've slotted in this old photo of Witney from the 1980's courtesy of the Francis Frith collection, this is how I remember Witney from my childhood, when there was no Woolgate Centre, we played around derelict buildings where Langdale Court now is, going to Witney cinema to see Lenny the Lion and The Rescuers, an exciting trip to the new freezer shop in Corn Street (Iceland?) and when I look at the picture above of the old Waitrose I hear my Mum telling me about how when my sister was small, babies were left outside shops (in their Silver Crosses?!) because they didn't fit inside and it was the done thing!

The Corn Exchange after having it's renovations.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Blenheim Palace

Last weekend we visited Blenheim Palace again, it's just up the road from us yet somehow we never go as much as I feel we should, considering we have annual passes!
For the beginning of November the weather was absolutely glorious, deep blue skies, autumnal colours and not too cold, just how autumn should be.
I made the effort to take my SLR with me so I could get some decent snaps as the OH could push the buggy!

We did the maze, the kids did the Halloween quiz and the train ride and I enjoyed the new gift shop!
The only gripe was getting the buggy out to the water terrace, you have to go through the cafe (cramped) and then there are several steps between the gardens before you get onto the circular walk, it would be a chore if I come back on my own and we couldn't access the disabled route via a gate as it had a keypad on.