Friday, 8 October 2010

The Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace

Well after lots of Umming and Ahhing, I did head off to Ally Pally on Thursday, mostly the hesitation was due to me not liking public transport (not for any snobbish reasons!  I've just developed an irrational fear of small places/buses/trains etc recently) so if me and my Mum were to go it would mean driving, which doesn't bother me it was the parking issue that worried me and as guessed when we did get there (12.30pm - which meant it took 2.5 hrs from Oxfordshire!) the 2000 parking places were full!

So we had a drive down some side streets and thanks to Google maps that I'd looked at earlier and saved on my iPod touch, we were able to navigate down to Dukes Avenue, where we luckily found a space that was just by the cut through path into the grounds.
 It was very lucky and we were very grateful!  I would definitely recommend having a drive down that street and then even going left at the end into the The Avenue, as in the week it looked possible to park, there didn't seem to be any parking restrictions.  The cut through path with black gates is just opposite the junction of Grove Avenue.

I've never been to Alexandra Palace before and going in was a real 'wow' moment, the roof and decor inside was lovely, very old regal elegance!

The luck continued as a very kind lady sold us one of her unwanted tickets for £10 rather than the on-the-doorprice of £14!
The programmes were only £4 but I don't think they were really needed, they weren't really informative and there were several maps dotted around the rooms anyway.

So as we were on a strict time restraint, we headed straight into the Resource Centre on the right of the West Hall, walking past the lovely Morsbag stand, where tuition was being passed on and also there was a lovely display of competition bags.  I really must make some more, the freebie I got from the NEC is now my favourite shopping bag and I finished up the ones we made on the day so they are always in my stair basket where I keep the re-usable bags ready to pick up when needed.  The choice of fabrics really brings them to life.

In the Panorama room, there was a great display of stitchers/knitters/organisations, it was small and very crowded in here though, very warm!
Here is the Stitch London stall, after voting in the week via Twitter for my favourite 'crafty' slogan I was pleased to be able to pick up a 'Knit Calm and Carry Yarn' badge!

Near to this was a wonderful stall of Sarah Kenny who I forgot to take a photo of as I was mesmerised by the deliciousness of her knitted biscuit cushions!

Have a look at her site as they are truly lovely, wool and biscuits, it's a natural combination!

This stall was beautifully laid out, very organic and natural looking, lots of cardboard and wood accents, it was on the Selvedge stand.

Then in the other hall, the Textile Gallery there was a mix of artists work and sellers.
This was the Toft Alpaca stand, which was a feast, I'm really liking the grey yarns at the moment, very cosy and wintery.  The great thing about shows is that you get to touch these yarns/fabrics you've heard about.  Everyone raves about how soft alpaca is but until I'd actually touched this you can't really experience it, it's also illuminating to hold it, to feel the weight, feel how it feels against your skin, all these factors that need knowing before you'd even know whether to use it.

 They seemed to have a great idea of selling the items ready made or in kit form, these bags were so gorgeous and the chunky scarves were really tempting, I shall peruse the interweb later nearer Christmas to look at them again me thinks!

The Coats Craft stall was a bit disappointing, quite small with not much selling going on, it was more of a display, they had a few Amy Butler fabrics and a few Rowan yarns but nothing much, not like at the Quilt show where they were heaving with shoppers.

Me and my Mum liked the Paton range of Colour Range Aran and tried to get the pattern book, but it seems they must have only had one as when we went back earlier, this stand copy had gone!  We'll be searching for that on the web later too!

Beyond Fabrics had an amazing stall, beautifully laid out and I meant to go back and choose one of their corsage making kits but completely ran out of time, another one for the online shopping!

Then in the Great Hall it was the market place, with rows upon rows of stalls and traders, the layout was quite tight and it seemed quite intense trying to go round them all, rather than a leisurely stroll past.
Lots of fabric to see, lots of fat quarters, I like the retro prints but didn't want to buy any without a project in mind.
The Eternal Maker stall had some lovely prints, I really must sit down and choose a couple for some dresses for the girls, as their selection is wonderful.

Magnificent huge stained glass at one end, I believe the organ is at the other, but the swishing area blocked that.

If you're planning on a visit, I have a few tips, wear short sleeves, it got very hot and take plenty of water! The food facilities are a bit basic we should have taken our own really.  There are food places in each of the halls of varying types, not extortionately pricey but the seating is a bit oversubscribed, stairs and outside steps are mostly utilised!  Toilets are basic, with queues and again are in most of the halls and some out round the side to the right apparently, if you want to avoid the overcrowded ones in the main foyer!  The facilities are definitely not like the NEC for example.

So I am glad we went, but I'm not sure I'd go next year, apart from the lack of yarn I preferred the Quilt Show at the NEC.
We did have to make sure we left by 3.30pm to try and miss the worst of the west-bound traffic, so we were rushing by the end, but I did manage to purchase the quilting ruler I forgot to get at the NEC, on the advice of the Jelly Roll Quilt's book by Pam & Nicky Lintott I was looking for the 6.5 x 24" Creative Grids one.  Which I found for £14.95 on Coleshill Accessories and I'm glad I bought it from there as the lady serving was really nice and helpful. So now I think I have all the tools for tackling my Moda jelly roll...

I also loved the felt corsages on the Felt Works stand and got two for £10 which I thought was good value, all the felt is lovely and thick and is also fair-trade, the lady serving was really nice too, which I always think should be the first criteria for people manning a stand!  I shall try and get a pic for you tomorrow.
If you went I'd love to hear what you thought, did anyone do the swishing or a workshop?
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