Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Tree

Hope you all had a lovely relaxing time, the weather has been kinder and we enjoyed a day out at Blenheim Palace for the annual Easter Egg hunt, which we all really enjoyed, the girls won chocolate bunnies for our efforts!
Got my hands on one of the last two copies of Homestyle Sewing in my local 'Smiths. Has seen this advertised on Facebook, from following Poppy Treffry's fan page. It's quite expensive at £7.99, but as a one of purchase I allowed it! It came with a generous piefce of polka dot fabric, so that you can make the bag advertised, doubt I will as I'm not a bag person, but would like to do some applique or covered buttons with it.
Got the latest Sew Hip too, which has a lovely blouse pattern, marked advanced! And a cupcake pattern by Kitty Eden, which I have to try!

And here is the second mitten I have been working on, the first was WAY too big for my eldest, think I got carried away knitting!! This fits much better, it's for the youngest and had a brain wave to draw round the girls hands to make templates to work from! That way when I'm knitting, mostly at night when they're in bed I can use the template to roughly measure!
The only thing is that I now need to do the second one and the weather's getting warmer!! Still it's all good practice and my seaming is still untidy!
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