Saturday, 24 April 2010

Recent booty!

The sun is shining, the car boots are full, jumble sales are springing up, it only means one thing, it must be Spring! The one good thing about spring cleaning is when other people chuck out their old things, which means rummaging & finding!
I found these in a carrier bag in our local boot last Sunday morning, the sun shone, I went alone ! (no kids, yay!!) and cycled down in relative peace & quiet, it was bliss!
All of them have been pieced and basted, I can't imagine the time it took for some one to lovingly create all these and then sadly never get round to putting them together. The cards are all from the 80's by the look of them, so I can only imagine that an elderly relative had them and never got round to finishing them before they were 'inherited'? All that work for only £3, I felt quite guilty.

I'm playing around with a pattern and then I intend on putting them all together, should be a lovely intro to patchwork.

This whole box was at our local 'Sobell House warehouse' for £3! Lovely selection of patterns from the seventies to the nineties, I'm currently going through them all to see if they are all complete as I would like to put them onto Folksy to sell cheaply. I've managed to set up my shop - ThriftyFab, so will be listing soon...
This lovely tin was from today's WI jumble sale, was a bit of a bun fight! Got this for only 10p!

From all the above places I've also been stocking up on pillow-cases, sheets, duvet covers etc for making summer dresses for the girls. Today I've been working on a pillow-case tunic from Sew Hip, will take pics tomorrow....

AND only 1 week to go to the Vintage & Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury, I'm already excited!!

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