Monday, 26 April 2010

Pillowcase dresses

As promised, pics of yesterday's playing. Using Sew Hip's pattern from issue 3, I've been accumulating old pillowcases and I finally got brave enough to cut some of them up!
The arm holes look larger than they do in the magazine's photo's, so these hang quite low. Haven't got any models to try them on yet (!) but with a white tee underneath I'm hoping they'll not look too bad, my youngest (3) is notoriously fussy so I'll not even sure she'll try it on yet!
I've left the inside fold on the purple one, I wanted to use them as pockets, but not sure how to make it work at the front, if I cut a slit in the front do I need to trim it with bias binding or just hem back?
I've had an enjoyable day cycling into town today with my little co-pilot in her seat behind me and trawling through the library and most of our town's charity shops. Her favourite game is hiding behind the clothes rails and browsing through the toy sections!
If I had a lovely wooden dresser or simply any shelves I would so love to . bring home more homewares/knick-knacks, saw lots of lovely cups, plates, glass dessert bowls, trifle bowls, jugs, trays etc. but sadly in our small space it's not very practical, so I'll just enjoy looking!
Course I did come home with some fabric, two marching denim pillowcases - yes more girl dresses! but this time I'm just going to try my own idea/pattern. Not quite sure who or why you'd want denim pillowcases though?!!
I also had a mad moment and bought a dress for myself! Now I'm NOT a dress person, I don't own any, well I have a few long things like tunics or shirt dresses but they are worn with trousers, well jeans! But I couldn't resist, it's a red & white floral pattern which I loved and it was reduced to £2.75. Oh, did I mention it's also a size 18? Am I a size 18? No, I'm a 14-16, (why can't they make a size 15, it would make my life so much easier! So it's HUGE on me!
But I couldn't put it down, I had to have the fabric, so I'm trying to work out the best way to alter and make it into a shorter dress to wear with jeans! Or leggings (?) still not quite sure if I'm a) to old, or b) have chunky legs to be able to pull leggings off?!
If I manage anything, will let you know!
Right it's time for an early night, work tomorrow (boo hiss, answers on a postcard about ways to give up work and be a SAHM like most other bloggers!) still have time for a last cuppa and a flick through the last Country Living in bed (it's my birthday soon, I'm hoping for a subscription if anyone's reading!).
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