Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fabric Haul

I have had a fabulous time in one of our local charity shops this week, they have moved all their linens to a new upstairs room, so now there is lots of space and lots of fabric items in it!!

They've got a lot of duvet covers, sheets, tablecloths, napkins, tea-towels, curtains and lace doilies etc so I've had a good rummage round and spent a nice time in there while kiddie-less!

So for my first haul I got a large length of tartan which even though it feels like upholstery weight I'm going to try a dress pattern out on it, as it was only £2 I feel able to muck it up and not feel too bad!

The floral duvet is hopefully going to be a dress for my eldest when I can sort through and find a pattern to fit, she's five but her sizing is more like a seven and it's getting harder to find free patterns in magazines for this size, they all seem to concentrate on 2-5's!
The pink & white cottons as for my stash, as I knew my eldest would love them, but not sure what they will become yet!

And a Country Living to top it off, with a cuppa (and being able to read it in peace!) - bliss!
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