Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Knit & Sew & Finish

I've finally finished a couple of projects! 
First up is this pair of wrist warmers.Looking at my Ravelry notebook, it's taken me 12mths to finish them! The yarn is Rowan Pure Wool Aran, which was very thick, but with no ease, so working on DPN's I tried to be a bit looser than normal.

I'd quite like a cowl to match but I don't think I'd like this yarn next to my neck, it's not soft enough for me.

Next up on the finishing pile was this pair of cord trousers for the littlest. It's a free pattern from MADE
in a 2-3 size, which fit my just turned 3 year old perfectly but they probably won't last long, so I may have to have a go at up-sizing the pattern.
They fit really nicely and were really easy to put together, I especially like the flat front, as it makes them look much less homemade.  If I had a serger, the seams would be even neater!
I did slim down the legs at the bottom a bit, by about an inch so they'd look a bit more girl skinny!

Apologies for the rubbish pics!

Next up is a Prima tunic dress I've been trying to adjust for months.....shall I accept bets on how long that takes?!
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