Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween crafting

This Halloween I got a hankering for some old fashioned crafting like we used to. The scissors, glue and paint seem to come out infrequently now, much less than when the big girls were small,which is my fault,so I thought we better get in the habit again, and thanks to Pinterest, there's so many good ideas to try!
Cut-out bats with googly eyes were a nice quick craft from Listotic.

Paper pumpkins, were found on a YouTube video by the middle child

Toilet roll bats were adapted from this tutorial for treat boxes.

I then hung some with thread from our porch and stuck others to the side of our house with double-sided tape.

Some bats became cats and as usual the knitty witches came out, which were made by my Mum a couple of years back.

A fairly basic pumpkin this year, my eldest drew the design.

I was pleased with our effort this year, it's not flashy and bloody but simple and family friendly!
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