Sunday, 24 August 2014

Holiday Day Seven

Duck Race, The Cobb & Fireworks

Fridays Lifeboat Week event was the Duck Race, all week they had been selling numbers for the ducks, first duck in the race down the river wins!
So we made our way up-river to the start and crossed our fingers.

For such a simple idea it was a lot of fun with a great atmosphere as all us spectators followed them down the river, trying to spot our numbers!

Sadly we didn't win! But we carried on the walk into town to do some last minute shopping, another visit to Alice's Bear Shop and a stop off at Pasty Presto for a tasty lunch and cuppa.

Still didn't get time for the museum - next time!

Late afternoon we wandered down to The Cobb, walked along and enjoyed the sea breeze and the peaceful boats.

Then after our BBQ tea and at the request of the eldest some of us changed our minds and decided to go and watch the fireworks down at the beach, which were to end Lifeboat Week. 

I was able to try out my new 'firework' setting on my camera, with strange results (!) but the display was fantastic, lots of large colourful explosions and it was almost like marking the end of our time in Lyme Regis, so I was very glad that we made the effort to go.

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