Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day Five

Seaton and Beer

Wednesday was another glorious day and we decided to drive off for an explore. Not far along the coast is the pebble beach of Seaton, it looks quite bare and when we arrived in the morning it was fairly empty but it soon busied up and we soon enjoyed the slower pace compared to Lyme. The water was fantastic, really clear, good for a bit of snorkelling, and quite shallow near the edge.

We had a wander around the town, lots of good charity shops, great customer service from 'Panic Design' for hat shopping for a certain member of our party with a large head! And I even bought a wetsuit from Rainbow, marked down as I knew I would only use it hols. Lots of nice gift shops opposite the beach, I got some large wind chimes which I've put in our bedroom which makes me think of holiday every time I hear them.
There are also good clean toilets by the beach, oh and ice-cream! Seaton also has a large Tesco (with petrol station) which was handy as Lyme doesn't have anything like that.
I was hoping to get to go to their famous tramway but the prices were extortionate of all of us, it was more of a ticket to travel for a journey rather than a tourist scenic tour, which is all we wanted.

I love walking along this part of the beach, with my trusty crocs on, looking for pebbles, shells or sea glass.
With our parking ticket due to run out but still only half-way through the afternoon, we decided to drive on a little further round the coast to Beer.

Beer was a charming little village, like the Cotswolds besides the sea.

Love these deck chairs.

Pebble beach again, very clear water but the level seems to get quite deep quite quickly.

We stopped for an ice-cream and a wander before heading back for tea.

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