Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hand sewing

After finishing my first pair of socks and reaching a pause in my quilt I wanted to craft but wasn't sure what.
I was going to get out some hexies but couldn't decide on fabric and then as sometimes happens, I stumbled upon something by chance and my decision was made for me.
I found my Dandelion Designs wristwatch pin cushion that I'd ordered ages ago through Create and Craft.

I like to browse and see what's on Create and Craft on the telly box when it's quiet, I like when they do quilting on a Sunday morning at 8am and I follow Mandy Shaw on Twitter so I know when she's likely to do a show, as I love some of her stuff. She's usually at Festival of Quilts and I'm always tempted by her books, so when I saw that you could get the kit of the wrist pin cushion that she wears, I had to order it, even though I very rarely get sucked in by the TV selling.

The kit has all the fabric and notions you need, and more, and I found the instructions easy to follow.  I'm not the neatest stitcher but I do find it relaxing, so I got absorbed and finished it in a weekend. I'm really happy with it and hope to complete the matching tape measure that was included in the kit.

I also hope to start this baby ball kit from Makeve, that I've had for even longer, as it was intended for my youngest who has now out-grown such things! But as a simple hand sew, it shouldn't take much to finish it.

I won't be adding the face as I think it will be more of a decoration rather than a toy, I'll let you 
know how I get on. Would love to hear if you've been doing some hand sewing too!

I also need to thank my eldest for the main photo at the top, she's getting so good that she's set up her own blog:
She'd love to find some other kid bloggers, so do let her know if you know any!
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