Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sew Hip

This is my latest magazine addiction!
I can't stop picking it up even though I've read it cover to cover, I have the previous issues by my bed for a little persual before bedtime with a cup of tea!
I have been lucky enough to receive a subscription from my sister for Christmas which is so lovely although I suspect she will be wanting her mitts on them too!
Last issue had a great dress pattern that I really want to make up but looking at the fabric in my local shop it's so pricey, 2m for £26, I wouldn't pay that for a new dress, sorry but money's tight and the likes of Matalan/Primark make it hard to justify the luxury of dressmaking. Especially when with my skills it's likely to look a tad wonky! What happened to the days of people made their own clothes (like my mothers generation) because it was CHEAPER?! The world has gone a little mad.
Anyway, I can't recommend this magazine enough it's trying to tap into this 'new' world of crafting without being twee or complicated.
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