Thursday, 18 September 2008

Unfinshed Projects

IMG_0335, originally uploaded by blackdoganna.

I don't know about you but I seem to have unfinished projects squirreled away, mostly all cross stitch. After the initial excitement has worn off, all longish projects seem to go through a 'quiet' period and once it's been put down I find it hard to make myself pick it up and finish it again.

I did a birth sampler for my first daughter, started it during pregnancy......and finished it when she was two!! I haven't even got daughter #2's out of the wrapper!
So I think I need to tackle this and also make this blog work for me, so I'm going to post pictures of all unfinished projects to shame me! I think I might also give myself a little incentive too, a metre of new fabric for every one finished?! (I'm desperate to get a fabric stash going, but it all seems so expensive and I can't justify the out-lay for no good reason when money's tight!)

So this is the first one I've uncovered, a rag doll that needs the dress finishing with a design on the back and the teddy that needs just one more colour to inject a bit of interest, these will then be Christmas presents as I intended them to be in 2006! I'll keep progress updated and also dig out the other projects that are lurking....!

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