Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Finished Quilt!

I can't quite believe it, but I have finished my second quilt, it's only taken about two years but it's such a good feeling to have finished something.

As with any project, there were learning curves and problems..

Second attempt at machine quilting, so I tried to stick with straight lines on the cream sections, which are ok but then I got cocky and thought I'd try some meandering around the border flowers. It just looks messy and I didn't read the instructions about not quilting up to the edge, as when I came to put on the prairie points, I didn't have enough seam allowance to slot them into!
So I improvised and attached them along with some binding, which I slip-stitched to the back as normal.

For the backing I used fabric from the same line which was intended to be made into a cloth book and joined it together with some cream sashing and pieced a border out of all the leftover scraps to be frugal.
I also appliquéd on some paper pieced hexagons, which in hindsight I wish I just done onto a plain one piece backing as it looks too busy.
I also basted it on wonky and when I trimmed the front down to size, I noticed that the back border panels are uneven!

Still every project teaches us something new right?
I have loved being able to use it to warm up on the sofa on chilly nights though and I love the colours.

Well, on to the next one….

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