Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sewing Sunday

With two friends having babies recently I thought while I was in the sewing mood I could knock up another pair of trousers but this time in 0-3mths size.

I got the chambray fabric from The Village Haberdashery:
Which had quick delivery and wasn't too heavy for lined trousers, the lining fabric is a Japanese 1/2 metre I picked up from The Eternal Maker at a previous show, it's very soft, a bit like a muslin/flannel mix- ah on the website, it says it's a double gauze fabric After sewing, I worried that it was too delicate for trousers as any heavy tugging at the seams may rip it but hopefully for a small baby it should be ok?!

I was quite pleased with these and I now need to do another pair but this time with different lining for a little boy.

Sewing sunday continued with me starting a fabric brooch kit I'd purchased last year from Makeve, I struggled a bit with the folding of the fabric petals at the end but have now finished so I'll have to update with a picture soon.


To round off I remembered all those pins on Pinterest about cleaning your sewing machine!
I got the screwdriver out and you really wouldn't believe the amount of fluff that was hiding at the back under the throat plate and under the bobbin race! I used a small art paint brush to gentle tease it all out.

It felt so nice to have time to myself while the children entertained themselves, may it happen more often!

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