Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Festival of Quilts Goodies

So after admiring all the hard work in the quilts and having a sit down for a breather and some lunch, it's time to shop!
First rule of quilt show..have a set list
Second rule of quilt show..have a budget!

I had projects in mind that I needed fabric for, such as toddler clothes and did well to find what I needed.

These are destined to be a reversible hat, from the Oliver and S book, I've made one before and little Rowan's been wearing it to nursery all summer!

This dolly kit was from The Bramble Patch and I hope it will be one of Rowan's Christmas presents.

Some cord from Mulberry Silks for friendship bracelets, a bit thicker than I wanted but it's proving to be quite hard to find a thin cord.

From Colour Craft I got some tools for lino printing, I had hoped to have a go with the girls in the holidays but so far haven't had time.

Gorgeous thick cotton from the Eternal Maker, as always I had a hard time at this stand, I must go to their shop someday! I wanted some material for winter toddler trousers, it might be a bit jazzy but we'll see!

This flannelette caught my eye and I broke the rules because I still haven't got a project for it but it's rare to see printed flannelette!

Lovely heavy cotton from Fabrics Galore, again for toddler trousers but now I'm thinking I might see if I've got enough to complete a small bag pattern I've got as well!

I hadn't seen these little mini charm packs before, this was from Simply Solids and I wanted one of these mugs from Lu Summers when I saw it on her Twitter feed!

Theses were only 20p each and I thought they'd look good as embellishments or on a quilt.

Silky soft cotton from Cool Crafting who had lots of interesting kits, the buttons are for a toddler romper I was half-way through and the fabric for another hat?!

Digitally printed I fancied this as a wall hanging or cushion.

I also had on my list to get a large Creative Grids square, which I did and have used already!

The shopping is as much fun as the quilts! Another lovely trip, I got home tired but inspired!
I'd love to hear if you went and what you bought!

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