Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bibs & Badges

 I've been making a few of these dribble bibs.
Rowan's a monster dribbler, she got her 1st two teeth at 5mths but is still constantly drooling and soaks through her tops very quickly.
I made a rough triangular pattern and used up some of my fat quarters and for the backing used those cheap towels I got from Ikea and also some old terry towelling sheets I got from the charity shops.

 I really like them, I even use them for feeding as they look nicer and get in to the folds of her pudgy neck!

My other latest project is badges!  
I'd been watching badge makers on eBay and finally got one with lots of the actual badge parts as well, it's a London Emblem one and does 55mm badges and I love it, it's really easy to use and I'm currently experimenting with different fabrics/papers to put together some nice badges to sell, as I'm trying to think about putting together an Etsy shop!

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