Friday, 1 July 2011


 While we were on holiday it was my Mum's birthday, so before going I was desperately trying to finish the handmade gifts I'd started.
First off was this felt Japanese cherry cake, I got the pattern from 'The Softies Kit' which I got at a charity shop ages ago, it's by Akiyo Kato and it came together quite quickly.

 Secondly, was this shopping bag kit from 'Hamble & Jemima', which I found at my local yarn/sewing shop.
All the bits needed are supplied and the Scottie dog fabric is fabulous.  The instructions were quite simple and it sewed up quite quickly.
The only difficulties I found were that no seam allowance was stated, the handles are quite wide and there was no guidance on the best placement of them, I think I've put mine a bit too far apart.  I also cut the bag rectangles differently, the instructions state to cut a back and front rectangle separately and then sew together along the two sides and bottom but I cut it on the fold, so that I'd only have to sew the sides and hopefully make the bottom more durable too.

I'm pleased to say that they both went down very well!
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