Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's Autumn, crack out the Breadmaker

I've hardly used the breadmaker all summer and then suddenly I have a yearning for some fresh rolls and soup, it must be Autumn! 
I haven't made rolls before, just loaves, but it wasn't too much bother, trying to find somewhere warm to put the dough to rise once shaped into balls was the biggest headache, I tried warm sunshine from the kitchen window, the airing cupboard and a slightly warm oven.  From the look of them after rising, the warm oven got the biggest results!!
Very nice they were too, the girls weren't mad on the soup though, should have been homemade really, fingers crossed for a hand blitzer thing for Christmas, I used to have one for pureeing baby food but it died shortly after and the food processor just doesn't get things pureed enough.
I'm hoping to make my first pumpkin pie tomorrow for Halloween, I'll post a pic if it's successful!
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