Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Heading Back to School

Kissing Hands

Last year as my eldest was due to start school I stumbled upon a sweet idea that would remind her that we loved her and were thinking of her on her special day, I think I followed a link from Tip Junkie to 'back to school traditions' from Shauna-na-na for these kissing hands biscuits, which will once again be in her school lunch box tomorrow, to hopefully give her a smile at lunch!

I just used a basic biscuit recipe:

4 1/2 oz plain flour

2oz brown sugar

3oz butter

I halved the quantities as I didn't want to make loads! Rubbed it all in together to make a dough, (I needed a bit of extra flour as it was still quite soft) and rolled it out.

I then drew round the hands on paper and cut out to make a template, then used this to trace round on the dough and cut out, which is a bit fiddly and it pays not to drag the knife but to make small cuts as you run the risk of amputating a finger (a dough one that is!).

The girls then added a chocolate button (snaffling a few out of the packet when they thought I wasn't looking!), I put them onto baking parchment (I love this stuff, I can't cook without it, soo much better than greaseproof paper) and into the oven for about 8-10mins on 160c.

Now I've just got to hope that it survives in one piece until lunchtime! Back to the last minute name labelling now!

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