Friday, 29 March 2013

It's all about the trousers

Having a little one in cloth nappies means that normal trousers just do not fit!
I'm a bit late to the re-usable nappy table, I didn't really think about it with the first two, things were so busy with only two years between them!

So trying to find clothes that fit now, have proved more difficult, any clothes I did save were mostly jeans and they are not a friend to big bottomed babies!

You need room and stretch, which for me has meant lots of leggings! Tights are good also but I don't find them with skirts/dresses to be very practical for a toddler who wants to climb/crawl/be active!

So as per previous posts I've been making a few pairs and currently my mojo has returned (and I've bothered to put the walking foot back on the machine!) so I've cranked out two more pairs using the lovely Meg McElwee book - Growing Up Sew Liberated.

First, a new pattern for me, the pajama bottoms/everyday leggings.
I can't believe how easy these are! After getting the fabric from Fabrics Galore (finding a good jersey is the hardest bit), I made these in one day, I want to make a whole load more!
Excuse the unfinished waistband in the pic!

Then because they're so comfy, I made a larger pair of the bubble pants, these are like loungewear for babies.  These are not the height of fashion, I up cycled a white t-shirt (size 22 from the charity shop - these take a lot of fabric) and used a lovely jersey print dress that my friend gave to me for the insides.

The next pair to finish are a green cord version of Anna-Maria Horner's fabulous quick change trouser which will have this lovely tree fabric as the lining. I got this from Eternal Maker at the quilt show a few years back!

Haven't quite finished them, I've been waylaid by another school dress-up day, which requires an Egyptian costume! Photos of both will have to follow...
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