Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Vintage Goodies

Golly I'm afraid it's been ages since the Vintage & Handmade Christmas Fair and I haven't shown you what I bought!

I have finally found a panda!  I've been looking for the right one for a while and  Bert is perfect!  He was from the lovely Cowboys & Custard stall and is now very happy on my shelf.
I hope to use the buttons in some corsages and I finally got some Christmas twine, 5m for £1.50 at Shabby Chick.

 I bought this for my eldest who like me before her is mad about Enid Blyton. This was from 'This 'n That'

 Wish I'd bought more of these from Penny Choo, she does have an online shop though!

 This is my sort of cooking book, good solid British home cooking recipes, I shall try one out soon!
This was from 'Textile Treasure Seeker's' stall.

Postcards of some of my favourite Ladybird books, I shall be framing these in the New Year, again from 'This n' That'.
I also got a fabulous fleecy poncho but I can't find details of who it was from. Its' something a bit different for me but a steal at £6 and the dark teal colour is my favourite, I'll get a photo when I find a denim skirt to go with it.

I haven't managed to catch up on people's blogs about the fair, but I thought it was much quieter than usual?  I must say that I didn't buy any fabric this time like I usually do, I can't buy anything now unless I have a project in mind to try and curb my spending!
So it would be interesting to hear if the seller's had a good day. I wondered whether people didn't travel from far because of petrol cost, whether the people who did come spent less or is the Vintage 'boom' dying down?

Either way, me & my Mum had a good time! Especially the tea room and the gingerbread house cake, so much so that my Mum's ordered the tin with recipe!
Will have to post a photo when we try it out, which hopefully will be before Christmas!

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