Thursday, 24 November 2011

Autumn came

While I've been busy with a new baby, it appears that Autumn arrived and also may have left now. It's been a strange season of showers and sunshine, warm and cold and I feel like I've missed it.
Being detached from 'normal' life at the moment I seem to experience time in a different way, having a different sleep pattern, being on a different 24hr clock means I feel a little out of step with the earths timing.
Although, being awake regularly at 2am, means I get to hear our neighbourhood owl again and being woken up at dawn means I hear the birds waking up too!
There's definitely a sense of time with the third child.  It brings patience and understanding, because you know that nothing stays the same for long, I won't always be awake at 2am, everyday brings change, you may not see it while looking, but like the seasons, when you stop you realise how much time has passed already.
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