Monday, 3 October 2011

We survived the 1st Week!

Well we have survived the first week!
Its been long, it's been short, it's been quiet and it's been busy. The 'babymoon' period is like being in a parallel universe where time goes at a different speed or it's like being on a completely different planet!
Normal everyday things don't bother you, like paying bills, it's the life basics of eating & sleeping that concern you. With baby number three it does mean that you know that life goes on, you get more perspective, so what that you've only had 4 broken hours of sleep, the other siblings still want their school packed lunches!

I must say that both my girls have been absolutely fantastic, taken everything in their stride and already have an unconditional love for their new sister.

Summary of the first week:

Sleep deprivation is an effective torture tactic!


Things I have learnt this week....
Essential Items:

Mothercare pk 48 maternity towels - good big pack size, equals 14p per towel, am going to have to buy another pack as typically you always need more! The pack does say that 48 will roughly last you the first week, wish I'd read that while in the shop!


Old pants - rather than those hideous uncomfortable disposable ones!

Breastfeeding pillow - I got mine from a car boot & with all three they've been invaluable, I think it's best to get one that's quite firm/well padded as it helps get baby up to your boobs without slouching over!

Things I didn't need:

Newborn outfits! I should have known that having larger than average babies this one wasn't going to be petite but we've gone straight into the 0-3 sizes, the newborn size didn't even fit on the first day!

Things I wished I'd ordered sooner:

A Nightlight for those pesky night feeds, my bedside light is too bright but you need a bit of illumination so you can get the latch on properly! I've just ordered one from Amazon (Babytec Autofade) so will let you know if it's any good!

Best gifts (ideas for gifts):

Nappies (size 1&2), wipes, soap, hooded towel. All practical presents and really appreciated when you're a bit cash strapped, if bottle feeding I'd suggest a box of (correct) formula as that stuff is expensive!

Failing that vouchers are very useful (Boots or Mothercare come to mind).

Toiletries for Mum- something sensitive but a bit luxurious, something they wouldn't normally splash out on)

Box of chocolates for Mum! No explanation needed!

Now there's flowers, they could appear in this heading or the next depending on what they are. The best style are some that come in a vase and need no intervention, no new mum wants to be flower arranging, faffing about trying to find a vase!

Worst gifts:

Clothing! You end up with way too many, usually all 0-3mths and usually in styles/colours you don't like! I hate pink and never dress my babies in much of it if I can help it so any pink clothes are I'm afraid relegated to the Yuck pile - usually destined for the car boot/eBay. Or alternatively enclose the receipt so the recipient can change it rather than being a wasted gift.

Thank you for all your kind comments/well-wishes, they have all been really appreciated.

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