Monday, 4 April 2011


I think I have the best girls in the world! 
For Mothering Sunday they were so lovely, I got handmade presents and cards, told repeatedly I was the best mummy in the world and generally hugged at all times!
Before you have your first child you worry about how to be a good mum, will you do things right?Will you be as good as your own mum?  But the reality of being a mum is that you just do your best and without even trying it's the love in your heart that guides you to nurture the children you've been gifted.  The unconditional love that children give to you makes you aspire to be the best for them so that even when we get it wrong, when we're tired and grumpy, when we're not listening, they still think we're the 'best in the world' and every time I hear that, I try a little harder.

I think I do also have the best mum in the world as well and even though I can't shower her with gifts I know that's ok because (like me) we like the simple things,so I made her this card.

I hope if you were celebrating Mother's Day you had a lovely day too.
At the end of the day my eldest reminded me that I should thank her & sister if I'd had a lovely day!  I have at least taught her something!  And yes I did thank them, very much.

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