Monday, 7 March 2011

Jumble Day Out

Saturday was jumble day!  Map printed out, cash in purse, I was all set.  Then the other half offered to come (with kids!) to make a day out of it, so I hastly packed a picnic, got the kids ready and off we set!  Sadly much later than I'd planned so we weren't going to get there for the opening, but we had a lovely drive down and it was nice all being together.
We eventually got there about 12pm, lots of cars in the car park and down the lane but it wasn't busy inside, which with having the kids was good!
There was a lovely selection of stalls all still with lots of goodies to offer and even though perhaps the best had gone, it as nice being able to browse without a fight!

Thanks to my eldest girl for the pics, she's very good with the camera and is much better at getting un-posed pics!  I sadly wasn't sure which stall's were who's, I would have liked to put blogs to faces!
Apologies if my eldest took pictures of your lunch or borrowed items from stalls just to show me, she does mean well and she does know not to steal!
I got a few good purchases, apologies as I have no idea who's stall they were from and I can say that all the prices were really good.

Fabric pack £1, necklace 50p
Various items that the girls chose, all no more than 50p each, I had to get the ballerina cake decoration my mum used to have some of these for our birthday cakes!
Beautiful set of Wedgewood plates, £4

We indulged in a selection of the WI goodies and tea, much appreciated after a long drive!  Then it was time to proceed with more of the day-trip, so we set off back into Gloucestershire to Westonbirt Arboretum.
It was a little chilly for the picnic(!) but we ate quickly and then warmed up with a good walk/exploration around the old part.
We were most surprised to see these two trees out in full bloom, it was such a lovely splash of colour within all the other wintry looking trees.
We all had such a lovely day out, come on Spring, I'd like more of these being outdoors days!  Roll on to April for the Spring Vintage & Handmade Fair too, hopefully it will bring another forest visit too!
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