Monday, 7 February 2011

Quiet week

I have a bit of a quiet week, feeling under the weather and I haven't even wanted to knit much, so I can tell my energy levels have had a battering.

I did manage to finish the cashmerino baby hat, but I got a bit carried away and knit too much so had to rip back at one point!  So now I can see a small imperfection in it I'm wondering whether to send it to the intended recipient or make another one?!  I think my mattress stitch is improving though, but again it gives me cold feet about gifting something I've made to someone else who may not realise what work went into it and just see a boring knitted gift.  We talk about knitting having a revival but has it really in the general masses?  There is still an adversion to hand-knitted gifts out there I feel by people who are not 'in the know'.

Speaking of handmade gifts, I finally got a picture of the tree decoration I made for my Mum at Christmas, I think she's liked it, as it hasn't gone away with all the other Christmas decorations!

I got the free pattern from the lovely Lupin over at:  I got the felt from her shop too and it's lovely stuff, the range of colours are fabulous.

Have a good week!
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