Tuesday, 25 January 2011


New Year, so a new moodboard selection is up!  It's hopefully a bit spring-like, clean and fresh, which is what I'm craving at the moment!  Both in my house and outside in the weather!

I've been rolling on with the Redhook, the rib is going well, I noticed a few ladders where I had the large plastic stitch markers, so thanks to a tip from Lion Brand Yarn (I get their weekly emails) I replaced them with small elastic bands, these are super small hair bands from Claire's Accessories and they're fab, they come in different colours too which could be handy!

As with any large project I find you need a smaller on the go project to satisfy that achievement urge, so as I know of two people who are expecting littles soon, I saw this quick and easy project in this months 'Knit Today' (issue 55) for simple booties.

Sadly I didn't have any Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, so I just had to go out and get some!!  Any excuse, and it's lovely stuff, really soft and should wash ok.  I went for the deep red and also got some cream - I'm testing out the red, but will do a pair in cream too and will probably send those off as they're a bit more neutral?

There is a bit of a mistake in the pattern though, the decrease rows are labelled wrongly, after knitting the first 18 rows it then reads ' Row 13'....  Just ignore the numbering and follow the rows one after the other, so it should read' Row 19 - 21'.  If that doesn't make sense, I found the answer on Knit Today's Facebook page and then also on Ravelry in the Knit Today group.
I should have one finished tonight?! *slow knitter*!
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