Sunday, 15 August 2010

Girls Summer Dress

Finally I have photocopied the pattern, guessed the size to use for my four year old (2-3 as she is quite ickle!), found some cheap material to practice on (old thrifted duvet) and actually sat down and GOT ON WITH IT!
I'm always the same, it's the getting going that holds me back on creativity!
So I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out, the instructions were a bit lacking, it forget about telling me what to do with the back of the bodice/skirt, but I guessed it!  I also made the skirt seams french seams to enclose the raw edges and I had my first attempt at using the button-hole foot on my machine (which was quite hit and miss, I recommend practicing A LOT!)
So all I have to do now is see if she will actually wear it! 
If it gets the thumbs up I could make some more...?
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