Monday, 10 May 2010

Birthday Goodies

A glimpse of the pretties from the birthdays...

Lovely wrapping paper, carefully unwrapped so it can be used again!
Small bit of crafting, the night before I made this badge for my daughters badge, I think I'll do more of these, it was really quick and she loved it!

This was my birthday card from my fabulous Mum who knows me so well, we have the book too as it used to be her's, which we've all read and loved the illustrations, I've read it to my girls too now.

This was my sisters card, again another Ladybird illustration (I never did get a pony!), the cards are by Simon Spicer.

This is the fabulous sewing box that was in our local sewing/yarn shop at Christmas which I admired! Thank you mum!!

and I love this tea-towel, very me and it's now in my kitchen!

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