Monday, 15 June 2009

niggly knitting


I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I desperately want to knit a pattern I have found for a knitted doughnut!

So after much putting off (after reading and re-reading 'Ultimate Knitting Bible' : I love this book, I keep it handy for reference) I have started but I can't hold the needles so it's easy to knit with and I'm lost about what round I'm on and the tension is baggy at the ends!

But, it has also reminded me about why I like knitting, it's addictive and the rhythm is like a mantra, once in the groove I'm calm and at peace (usually!) so I will persevere.

This weekend I have cleaned and fired up the heirloom Singer:

It's a Futura model from the late 1970's which has an electronic 'brain' according to the manual!

Hi-tech indeed!

It does have a dazzling array of stitches and feet, which makes it better than my current newer budget model which is a Viscount.

The stitches look a little crude and the straight stitch has a bit of a uneven line, but it works so I will give it a test run, probably on the Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt I keep meaning to start!
Getting started has always been my problem!

I am also currently trying to make my blog look better, but I am struggling to get Blogger to work how I want and I still haven't got a good photo for my header, so I'm trying to do homework on what I can achieve.

Hope to be doing a car boot this weekend, I'm desperate to clear away some clutter but I think the biggest challenge will be not bringing anything new home!!

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